2011 EMS Award Ceremony

The National Emergency Medical Services Week is held each year during the month of May. To celebrate, the Yakima County Department of EMS along with the assistance of community members holds an “EMS Award Ceremony”. The ceremony closes EMS week with a celebration and a thank you to those agencies, men and women who serve our community each and every day. Volunteer firefighters make up over 60% of Yakima Valley’s EMS response. Men and women waiting for their pager to go off, calling them away from their families or jobs to medical calls, fires and more. Kids and family events are interrupted repeatedly as they sacrifice those events for us. The system would not be functional without the services of the local fire department volunteers, the full-time firefighters, ambulance crews, emergency rooms nurses and physicians, dispatchers, and so many more. On this day, we say thank you. Thank you for the commitment you’ve made to our community and thank you for providing excellent care.

List of Winners - 2011

2nd Annual EMS Awards Ceremony - May 15, 2011

Opening Remarks - C. Hamilton welcome and introductions
Opening Remarks - C. Hamilton welcome and introductions
Guest Speaker - Dr. Chris Schmelzer, YVMH ED
Guest Speaker - Dr. Linda Seaman, YCMS
Winner of the $500 Art Program Contest: Outlook Elementary, Judith Weden, Art Teacher
Runner-Up $250 Art Program Contest: Nob Hill Elementary, Mrs. Watson, Teacher
picture coming soon Runner-Up $250 Art Program Contest: Lince Elementary, Susan Petterson, Principal
“Friend of EMS” Award to Andrew Dale, Security Guard at YVMH
“RN of Excellence” Award to Rachel Putnam, RN at YVMH
“Physician of the Year” Award to Dr. John Zambito, YRMC
“EMS Educator of the Year” Award to Brian Paul, EMS Office
“Dispatcher of the Year” Award to Bob Clark, YCFD #5
“Volunteer of the Year” Award to Gary Jackson, Selah Fire Department
“EMT of the Year” Award to Alex Langbell, City of Yakima Fire Department
"Paramedic of the Year” Award to Jeff Davie, Advanced Life Systems
Administrator of the Year Award “Administrator of the Year” Award to Chief Aaron Markham, Sunnyside Fire Department

Medical Program Director Award I & II to Tom Watkins & Jerrod Zabik, American Medical Response

Medical Program Director Award III & IV to Kevin Gaidos & Nick Henle, American Medical Response

no picture Cardiac Arrest Save Award: April 1, 2011: AMR - Eric Fordahl, Trevor Quandt (YFD send for crew)
Cardiac Arrest Save Award
Cardiac Arrest Save Award: September 21, 2010: SSFD - Ryan Savage, Josh Roe, Mike Beckwith
Cardiac Arrest Save Award: March 21, 2011: EVFD  and AMR Medic 10 - FF. Ryan Evers, LT. Keith Schrank, Chf George Spencer, CD; Mike Riel, Lt. Nick Henle, Trevor Lenseigne, Jori Derrey, Tony Fortier

Cardiac Arrest Save Award: January 11, 2011: YFD - Jeremy Rodriguez, Chad Williams, Beau Watson (ALS send for crew)

Cardiac Arrest Save Award: March, 2011: YFD, ALS – Jeremy Rodriquez, Chad Williams, Jameson McDougall and Donald Sharp
Hosts Candace Hamilton and Juan Acosta

Special thanks to everyone who made the 2011 EMS Award Ceremony a success: Dr. Chris Schmelzer, Dr. Linda Seaman, Karen Jackson, Kim Bersing, American Medical Response, Advanced Life Systems, Chief David Willson, and Battalion Chief Tom Sevigny and Leslie Porter (photography).


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